Photography and Video production

Branding By Branden - Photography and Video productionBoth art forms require knowledge of a camera and lighting but they require different approaches. It goes without saying that marketing your business or brand is key too growth. Common sense lets us know that you can have the world’s best product but what good is that if no one knows it exists. Photos and video helps your customers visualize doing business with you and feel confident about hiring you.  It’s not the camera that takes the picture it’s the photographer; and it’s the images that moves customers to purchase. Let Branding By Branden production team bring your businesses vision to life.



Product images: Great product images can make the difference between making the sale and losing a customer. Before the customer read the amazing description and get excited about your product they look at the images, and process what they are seeing.


Video Production:

When you only have 15 to 60 seconds of ad space to hit a chord with your target audiences our team of producers hit the mark every time. Guaranteeing results is the ultimate goal, from concept to delivery we keep that in mind. Promotional videos are a great and effective tool for building brand awareness.