Why I Blog. Why now?


For the past 10 plus years I have been working with entrepreneurs just like you, helping them navigate branding and marketing their businesses. This has led to me being asked countless times why don’t I share my knowledge on a larger scale and expand my business. The answer to this question is simple; I was comfortable where I was. I had clients who I enjoyed working with and I was able to provide for myself and my team without any unnecessary stress, so there was no need to fix what wasn’t broken.  But marketing trends are constantly evolving. They’re evolving so much that I often ask myself ‘how do I keep up with the demands of my consumers?’ This evolution is requiring me to evolve and pushing my business forward. Throughout this blog I will share my formulas and hopefully help you find a formula that will work for you.

My hope is that this blog makes you enthusiastic about pulling yourself out of the patterns of the past and makes you eager to learn new ways to build customer loyalty and increase the return on your investments using techniques that are cost effective.

If you’re ready contact us today. If not bookmark this page we will be sharing lots of great information that may help you along the way.


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