Brand Strategy Essential$49.00
Brand strategy Guide$49.00
Brand Strategy PREMIUM$297.00
Brand Strategy ULTIMATE (Popular)$197.00
Bronze 1-2 locations$700.00
Business website$1,000.00
Content marketing Aggressive (Popular)$3,600.00
Content marketing Basic$1,800.00
Content marketing Market Leader$6,000.00
E-Commerce SEO Bronze: Up to 150 Key phrases (<1M results)$3,500.00
E-Commerce SEO Gold: Up to 600 Key phrases (<1M results)$7,000.00
E-Commerce SEO Silver: Up to 300 Key phrases (<1M results)$5,500.00
E-commerce website Design$1,500.00
E-commerce website(Popular)$1,500.00
Landing Page$500.00
Landing Page Design$500.00
Online Advertising Aggressive$2,500.00
Online Advertising Basic$1,500.00
Private Labeling Custom$1,500.00
Private Labeling Simple$500.00
Private Labeling Unique (Popular)$1,000.00
SEO(Gold 5-8 locations)$1,300.00
Silver 3-4 locations$1,000.00
SMM One Network$1,000.00
SMM Three Networks$1,500.00
SMM Two Networks (Popular)$1,300.00
Website support (monthly)$40.00 / month and a $10.00 sign-up fee
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