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Over the years, Branding By Branden has proudly partnered with a wide array of businesses eager to move their brand from decent to bountiful. Whether launching a new product in a competitive marketplace or refreshing a legacy business. Branding By Branden helps take on some of the toughest brand challenges. Explore the case studies to see how we’ve consulted with companies to help them create opportunities, transform their business and grow their presence and influence.

The following are case studies of clients who have benefited from our services. To protect our client’s privacy, we have removed their name and their products information. (when requested)


The Challenge

The Zeno Family, cast members of The People’s Couch on Bravo TV, lacked a clear brand position and suffered from overshadowing from other cast members. The family also lacked the positioning and messaging platforms necessary to increase market penetration. 

The Solution

We took The Zeno Family through a complete brand building initiative that included internal brand workshops and research with each family member. The results were the development of a strong social campaign both on and off line and community event involvement. This reflected their ability to be personable with fans of the show. This also led to brand partnerships with different product lines in various industries. 

The Challenge

YOCISCO needed a brand refresh to coincide with the launch of a new collection of underwear that would appeal to a broader target market that included African American, Asian and international buyers.

The Solution

Branding By Branden developed a new brand look and revamped positioning for YOCISCO that featured Asian, African American and European models. We stayed with the brand positioning – Where Sexy Starts which reflects the company’s obsession with sexy underwear for all men. The ensuring brand campaign was deployed in print, website, digital ads, viral marketing campaigns and event booths.

The Challenge

POP Unplugged needed to introduce itself as a premier percussive arts entertainment company to both drummers and the public. Additionally the company wanted to elevate its own brand image through the marketing of its group POP’D.

The Solution

Since the company was the first of its kind in the region and offered services that were unique and different. The competition Drum Madness® was created. This month long online competition featured twelve drummers and reached 1.9 millions viewers.

Coming Soon

We know that company reviews are critical to businesses looking for the types of services offered by Branding By Branden. We’ve complied a few testimonials for you to compare us to other agencies you may be considering partnering with. We have spent countless hours working with our clients to earn their trust and build a trustworthy reputation and will do the same to earn yours when working on your projects.

Below, you’ll find a list of testimonials from some of our clients. We feel their reviews and feedback are an accurate representation of the caliber work we provide. We feel we can duplicate the same outstanding results for you and your company.

We can tell you how awesome we are until we are blue in the face, but we know hearing and reading testimonials, from actual clients are invaluable. Scroll below to see for yourself what people are saying about Branding By Branden.

What people say?

I felt Branding By Branden challenged us. I think being challenged by an agency is quite nice at times. Branden remains a trusted adviser and invaluable asset to my business.
Entertainment company
Ceo & Founder
Branding By Branden helped us become more efficient in our deliveries, which has helped us be more productive and cut our delivery times in half.
California distribution company
Operation Manager
Branding By Branden has exceeded our expectations!
Colorado Pharmacy
Lead Pharmacist
We’ve seen tremendous growth in our brand awareness via social media specifically Facebook and Instagram.
Long Beach bakery
When Branden works with a client he brings not only his business skills, marketing expertise, and perceptibility in the fashion industry to the table, but he also puts his whole heart, mind and soul into the process. At the root of his work is an unwavering passion to see his clients succeed. This impressed me far beyond what I could have ever imagined from a Brand Manager. He was accessible at all times, able to answer every question, and handle each situation with the utmost care and professionalism. For any creative, he is a strong, firm, guiding hand, and the effects of his guidance have been quite far-reaching for us. He continues to be a friend and mentor, and I cannot recommend him highly enough to any type of business, not just fashion, in need of growth. He's a marketing genius.
Women's handbag company
I am happy to recommend Branding By Branden. I have worked with them for nearly a year and a half and the information, guidance, goals, vision, strategy, application and integration have not only expanded my mind but my business as well. The ideas are always forthcoming, the information authentic and sincere and the results are real. Thank you, Branden, for your commitment to your clients. Your passion, knowledge, professionalism and kindness are not only respected, they are appreciated.
Music School
Branding By Branden helped us focus on getting better yelp reviews, which has help get more people into our store and led to use breaking our annual sales records.
Georgia fast food company
General Manager
Branding By Branden is a cornucopia of services with everything I was looking for under one roof! From branding, websites, SEO to app development, Branding By Branden has it all – one stop shop experience.
Informational Directory
Had an incredible experience with Branding By Branden. Gave me marketing tools to keep my business fresh and exciting for my ever-changing consumer!
Women's wellness company
We hired Branding By Branden to improve our ranking on Google and that’s exactly what they did. Our industry is very competitive and going from page 26 to page 3 in less than six months has helped us increase sales and we are still growing our ranking.
Menswear brand


  1. To expand by the use of detail
  2. To make larger or greater
  3. To increase the strength or amount of

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